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Our trade savvy, dedicated Consumer sales team allows us presence in all major classes of trade, while our network of Down the Trade wholesalers provide coverage of smaller Moms and Pops operations β€˜off the beaten path.

AAL Retail Stores

AAL also operates 6 retail Home Health Care (HHC) centres in prime, high traffic locations, including several major shopping malls which are geographically dispersed across Trinidad and Tobago. These retail centers provide the most comprehensive range of HHC products in Trinidad and Tobago and have made us a household name synonymous with quality products and expert advice. We are in fact the most recommended destination for HHC supplies by health care professionals for patients exiting medical institutions and returning home.

There is also an HHC centre servicing the needs of Barbadian consumers at the Lanterns Mall in Barbados.

As part of our retail network, we also own the well known Kappa pharmacies in the capital city of Port of Spain.

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