OneTouch Select Plus Strips (50’s)

OneTouch Select Plus® test strips provide individualized blood glucose readings

Contains vial with 50 test strips
Order online, collect in store.
Provide accurate results in just 5 seconds
Require a very small blood sample – 1 ?L
Automatically adjust for natural red blood cell variations
Meets all criteria of ISO 15197:2013*


Before using the OneTouch Select Plus® test strips to test your blood glucose, carefully read the Owner’s Booklet for your meter and the inserts that come with the components of the system.
How do I insert the OneTouch Select Plus® test strip into the meter?
Insert the OneTouch Select Plus® test strip into the test strip port with the contact bars facing you.
How much blood do I need for the OneTouch Select Plus® test strip?
The OneTouch Select Plus® test strips require a minimum of 1.0 ?L of blood.
How do I apply blood to the OneTouch Select Plus® test strip?
  • Keeping your finger extended and steady, move the meter and test strip towards the blood drop.
  • Gently touch the channel to the edge of the blood drop.
  • Wait for the confirmation window to fill completely. The blood drop will be drawn into the narrow channel and the confirmation window should fill completely.
How should I store my OneTouch Select Plus® test strips?
  • Keep test strips in a cool, dry place between 5°C and 30°C.
  • Do Not test if there is condensation (water build-up) on your meter. Move your meter and test strips to a cool, dry place and wait for the meter surface to dry before testing.
  • Do Not open the test strip vial until you are ready to remove a test strip and perform a test. Use the test strip immediately after removing it from the vial, especially in high humidity environments.
  • Close the cap tightly on the vial immediately after use to avoid contamination and damage.
  • Only store unused test strips in their original vial.
  • Do Not return the used test strip to the vial after performing a test.
  • Do Not re-use a test strip that has had blood or control solution applied to it. Test strips are for single use only.
  • Do Not test with a test strip that is bent or damaged.
  • You may touch the test strip anywhere on its surface if your hands are clean and dry. Do Not bend, cut or modify the test strip in any way.
  • When you first open a vial of test strips, record the discard date on the label. Refer to the test strip insert or vial label for instructions on determining the discard date.