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  • Dr. Scholl’s® Hot & Cold Foot Massage Ball

    Special designed the Dr. Scholl’s® Hot & Cold Foot Massage Ball to massage and deliver hot and cold therapy to your feet; even reaching the plantar fascia area.

    Product Benefits
    • Designed to massage the foot and shaped to easily reach the plantar fascia area.
    • Hot therapy soothes muscle soreness.
    • Cold therapy reduces inflammation and helps helps increase circulation.
    • Smooth and nubbed sections provide a gentle or targeted, stimulating massage.
    • Dishwasher safe. Not SAFE to microwave or fill with anything other than water. Exceeding water temperature guidelines may result in scalding or other injury.
    • Please follow the instructions provided carefully. Be sure to fill the ball with NO MORE than ½ cup of water (100mL). If overfilled and placed in the freezer, frozen ice will expand and crack the shell as a result.