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  • Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Work Insoles For Men

    Special designed Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Work Insoles especially for people who work on their feet all day and experience discomfort and fatigue in their feet and legs.

    Product Benefits
    • Superior shock absorption helps you stay more energized while you work
    • Rugged construction designed for demanding environments such as hard or uneven surfaces
    • Helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs so you can stay on your feet longer
    • With reinforced arch support: firm columns provide contoured support to overworked arch area
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Pain Relief Orthotics For Heel Pain For Women

    Special designed Dr. Scholl’s® Pain Relief Orthotics for Heel Pain specifically for people who suffer from heel pain, including pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

    Product Benefits
    • Clinically proven to provide immediate and all-day relief of 3 sources of heel pain: Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs and general heel aggravation
    • Shock Guard® technology protects heels from impact and absorbs pain-inducing shock at its source
    • Supportive Heel Cup complements heel’s natural padding
    • 3/4 foot length design allows the insert to fit in most shoes, with no trimming required