Medical Equipment & Supplies

The Medical Division

Exists to provide life saving equipment and supplies to both government and private health care institutions, medical schools and professionals across the Caribbean, making us the largest supplier of these medical products in the region. In the early 1970’s on one his first trips to China, Abraham Laquis saw an opportunity to supply basic medical disposable products to the Government of Trinidad & Tobago – a small trading decision which eventually culminated in AAL becoming the largest medical supplier to the Government by the early 1980’s.

It was on that premise that the Medical ‘Distribution’ Division was started 22 years ago by the third generation of the Laquis family from a TT$30,000 initial investment in cotton wool from China to sell to the non Government trade. This division has since grown to include an enormous range of Hospital products from lifesaving equipment such as CAT scans to mandatory supplies such as surgical needles. We currently stock over 15,000 skus and are considered the preeminent equipment and consumables supplier to the medical fraternity in this region, our reach extending across the Caribbean from hospitals in Jamaica in the North, to Governments in Guyana in South America.

Apart from the significant scope and reach of our Medical Division, we are also heavily invested in providing the best technology in medical equipment and supplies to all healthcare institutions and medical schools across the Caribbean. We believe that our citizens should have access to the most contemporary health care solutions to enable them to live healthy, productive lives.

Training and Development

Building the professional competencies of the region’s current and future medical professionals ensure that our healthcare systems can adequately service the needs of our region’s people. At AA Laquis, we are proud to supply cutting edge equipment and technology to all Medical schools in the Caribbean.

We also provide a training program in conjunction with The Pharmacy School of The University of the West Indies for all pharmacists as part of their course requirement. The training helps to showcase the function of Home Health Care in a pharmacy environment and assists future pharmacists to provide correct information to their customers.

Working full time with all nurses on the island we are instrumental in ensuring patient compliance in a home environment. We are the preferred patient discharge consultants through our Home Planning professionals who visit the patient before discharge. They in turn work with the families to ensure the home environment is prepared adequately to accommodate the needs of the discharged patients.

Our People

Our Medical Division is staffed by highly trusted industry experts:

  • Many years of combined experience in the Regional Medical and Dental Industries
  • Strong professional relationships with key members of the medical and dental fraternity in every Caribbean market.
  • Promote our brands at all major Medical and Dental Conferences.
  • Our medical team visits more hospitals, doctors, clinics, etc. than any other company in the region.


We Work With Major Multi Nationals Like Johnson And Johnson, Philips and 3M, as well as dozens of other established brands in the healthcare industry; enjoying longstanding partnerships based on trust, reliability and integrity in the way we do business.

The AA Laquis Medical team has worked with our major principals for decades and have earned the respect of the professional community throughout the region, as well as our valued suppliers.

bio medical

Bio Medical

As the premier provider for medical equipment and supplies, we also offer after sales support and service to maintain and repair our specialist medical equipment, clinical accessories and surgical instruments. Our team of highly skilled technicians work with healthcare institutions to install, test, repair and maintain medical equipment, as well as train relevant personnel.