Introduction to Octapharma

AA LAQUIS is committed to providing life saving treatments to patients, and the medical professionals who help them to live fuller, healthier lives. In collaboration with our partner TS PHARM, we were honored to introduce Octapharma’s range of products to Trinidad & Tobago for the treatment of rare bleeding disorders. Octapharma, based in Switzerland, is the largest privately owned and independent plasma fractionator in the world. Their medicines are high-quality human proteins sourced from human plasma and human cell lines. Octapharma’s Regional Sales Manager for Central America and the Caribbean, in a launch event chaired by leading Oncologist, Dr Kavi Capildeo, Mr. Tomas de la Hoz, shared these life saving treatments that the company can provide with a room of Hematologists, Oncologists, Critical Care physicians, and RHA Pharmacists at the Brix Hotel in Trinidad.

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