Trinidad, 12 April 2024 – A.A.Laquis Trinidad Limited is thrilled to announce its launch of the GESKE German Beauty Tech brand in Trinidad and Tobago, introducing a groundbreaking range of beauty devices and skincare products that harness the power of AI technology to deliver personalized skincare routines. With a commitment to sustainable beauty solutions, GESKE aims to revolutionize the skincare industry by offering innovative and affordable products that cater to individual needs and preferences.

At the core of GESKE’s brand philosophy is the belief that skincare should be tailored to each individual. Through the GESKE Beauty App, powered by AI, users can experience remarkably precise skin scans, which are then used to generate personalized skincare routines crafted specifically for their unique skin type and preferences. This personalized approach ensures that every user can unlock the smartest way to care for their skin, achieving their individual beauty goals with confidence.

GESKE takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. With a mission to shatter long-established norms of limited warranties, GESKE offers a remarkable 15-year guarantee on its beauty devices, making them a uniquely sustainable beauty solution. By creating products that are built to last, GESKE aims to reduce waste and provide customers with enduring beauty tools that stand the test of time.

The GESKE German Beauty Tech brand has made significant investments in research and development, partnering with world-class tech/AI developers and clinical experts to ensure the correct implementation of its products. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of the GESKE Beauty App, which includes 56,565 training video sessions in 45 languages, providing consumers with tangible insight into how to incorporate products and improve skin conditions. The app scans the skin, analyzes it based on six skin health criteria, and delivers personalized skincare routines to users, empowering them with expert knowledge. The GESKE line of products can be purchased at key retail stores and pharmacies such as Pennywise Cosmetics, Superpharm, Kappa Drugs and select Massy Pharmacies.

About GESKE German Beauty Tech:
GESKE German Beauty Tech is the first holistic and award-winning beauty brand that combines consumer tech products and dermatologist insights to redefine personal skincare. With over 250 products and 150+ specialized proprietary technologies, GESKE offers professional solutions for holistic at-home skincare sessions. The brand’s commitment to personalized skincare, AI technology, and sustainable beauty solutions sets it apart in the industry.

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