Consumer Products

AA LAQUIS Is Diversifying The Company Into A New, Consumer Centred Division.

Food, drinks, personal care and other Fast Moving Consumer Goods are essentials in every homes and it is our intention to provide high quality, value added products that will enhance the quality of life of Caribbean consumers. In fact, we are committed to only selling products that we would personally use in our own homes. 

Distributor Capabilities

We are a well-established distributor in the Caribbean and have invested over the years in exceptional retail sales and distribution support and services to our global Principals. Our list of suppliers range from global brands like Omron Fitness and Wisdom Oral Care to exclusive lines from Greece such as ILIADA gourmet products. We also proudly develop and market our own brands and products which we have done successfully in the Adult Care, beverage, food service and personal care categories.

Information technology

We recognize that ours is a competitive environment which demands that we stay one step ahead of our competitors. We also understand that our people and our suppliers require real time information to analyze their business performance and make data driven, informed decisions. Consequently, in 2012 we invested TT$3.0 million in cutting edge IBM / VAI S2K Enterprise Analytics software and hardware applications that allow us to process information in an efficient, timely and purposeful manner and to date we have invested over TT$15.0 million in system upgrades, new software, IT infrastructure and training. Our systems are able to process, capture, and manipulate sales, distribution, financial, logistic, retail and warehouse data in real time and present it in user friendly formats to our people, customers and suppliers. Our IT systems allow for a business model based on best industry processes that leverages technology to create value and improve performance.

Retail and wholesale networks

Our trade savvy, dedicated Consumer sales team allows us presence in all major classes of trade, while our network of Down the Trade wholesalers provide coverage of smaller Moms and Pops operations ‘off the beaten path’.


AA LAQUIS Retail Stores

AA LAQUIS also operates 6 retail Home Health Care (HHC) centres in prime, high traffic locations, including several major shopping malls which are geographically dispersed across Trinidad and Tobago. These retail centers provide the most comprehensive range of HHC products in Trinidad and Tobago and have made us a household name synonymous with quality products and expert advice. We are in fact the most recommended destination for HHC supplies by health care professionals for patients exiting medical institutions and returning home.

There is also an HHC centre servicing the needs of Barbadian consumers at the Lanterns Mall in Barbados.

As part of our retail network, we also own the well known kappa stores in the capital city of Port of Spain.

Commercial and Warehousing Space

We moved our head office in 2012 from London Street, at the heart of the city’s capital, to a much larger, well equipped facility in one of the nation’s largest industrial estates. The former Johnson and Johnson Trinidad property boasts 51/2 acres of well-manicured green areas surrounding the stately, newly refurbished headquarters of AA LAQUIS Trinidad.

Sales and Warehousing

Size Matters! We can accommodate up to 150,000 sq ft of warehousing.and distribution capacity. Our IT applications provides both paper-based and radio frequency processing for inventory receiving, movement and replenishments, product put-aways, order picking, shipment verification, and cycle counting.

We can:

  • Handle up to 10 containers per day for both export and import
  • Guarantee turnaround time of 2 hours from order to delivery
  • Process emergency deliveries 24/7 and hospital specific emergency orders in 3 hours
  • Handle a large volume of chilled and frozen inventory
  • Provide sales and distribution data using state of the art warehousing/ accounting system to provide Real time information
  • Provide expiry and lot number control reporting ensuring sales and distribution information for any lot number sold